It has been said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and to a great extent, it’s true. For centuries art had been used to document / express and explore human history. But through it all, the universally “great”, has been something that has drawn us in. To make us want to stay and linger for a while.

I, personally, have had a business in decorative painting...for over 20 years. My goal/mission was to go into people’s homes (their personal spaces) and with their input, help make their rooms environmentally beautiful (to them), feel good, and make them want to stay.
The process involves making the client could see ahead, and choose their preferred color, technique, and scale their new room would wear.

These paintings (BackSplash) are the result of sample boards being made on large wax paper stapled onto my studio wall. They are a history of resulting paint overflow, representing people’s desire for a change. I had done this for many years before I actually “saw” them! as something more. Then, once it came to me, I was totally fascinated...then involved (in a compositional extent): the relationship of color. the composition. the larger, overall image. The history.

It became something new, and beautiful in my eyes. I hope you will want to stay and look for a while.