In a world where most everything is instant, high impact, 5 seconds-to-convince, I’m asking you to stop.   Breathe a little more deeply and slowly. And view my landscapes so as to allow natural light to interact with the canvas surface.

 I live near Long Island Sound, and enjoy taking walks on the beach in early morning.  I know I will be seeing the same water, sand, and the ever present lighthouse.  Through the eyes of a colorist and painter, however, each day is a different ‘picture’ : the natural elements effect the constants….transcending the solid objects themselves.
Each day, when I reach the summit of the dune, I know I will see a new seascape, a new world.  There’s a wonderful feeling of anticipation and surprise that I look forward to and treasure.

My intent is to bring this quality of change to my artwork.  The objects I paint are not defined solely by solid segmented areas, but, rather by layers of translucent colors.  These color relationships vary in reaction to the light of a particular day, time, or season.

 I invite you to look at my paintings: pausing to allow them in, and come back later…then later again… to what has transpired.

This is my challenge, as well as my gift, to you.


end of beach road

The End of Beach Road….Before Irene…and Sandy, 36” x 48” mixed media on muslin, on canvas

orange and plum

Orange & Plum Sherbet, 38 x 54, mixed media on muslin, on canvas

field of gold

Field of Gold, 33” x 58”, mixed media on muslin