I’ve been enriched as a person throughout my life’s journey of experiences, having been an art teacher, and decorative artist…with studies in interior design, for most of my adult life. In this capacity, I’ve felt an obligation to explore and use a wide array of materials; each with it’s own particular quality. This includes markers, paint pens, pastels, and graphite for lines, and a variety of paints, glazes, foils, and mica powders for broad ares. It is the understanding of, and fascination with each medium that has been the common thread of all my work, as I continually attempt to extend my limits

My three styles; Museum Diaries, Shifting Landscapes and BackSplash, each has it’s own mission, characteristics, and heart. The application of textures, the subtle layering of translucencies, and the boldness and brilliance of metallics are frequent visitors to my paintings. But it’s the play of sheen, through the use of varnish (in selected sections) and this interaction with natural light, that is most significant. The work takes on a different life…in different placement, times of day, and seasons of the year. As with life itself, change is a constant. And, once embraced, can be an alluring and captivating experience.

This I strive to bring forward and share with the viewer.